Steed Solutions is a one man company that has been created with one goal in mind, to improve software quality via automation.

I wanted to create a framework that allowed companies to move the stress of creating an automation solution away from their team and instead be able to focus on what matters, making their software great. So with the AutoSharp framework, companies or software teams can do just that. My framework can be easily implemented in to your way of working, and allow you to quickly build a suite of reliable, efficient and easy to maintain tests.

But most importantly, you aren’t limited to what the framework can do out the box. The framework is easily extendable, and a lot of the functionality customisable to match your requirements.

But it’s not just the tools that are important. Offering services to train your staff, or even yourself as an individual is important too. So that’s why at Steed Solutions, I can offer tailored training courses on-site or remotely to go through a wide range of topics to ensure that you feel comfortable as an automation tester.

I have over 10 years experience as an automation tester working across a wide range of industries. My experience has seen me start as a script writer through to where I am today, working as a freelance consultant. Going in to companies with little to no automation and advising them on the direction they should be taking, and building them a framework from scratch. I also work with companies who may have automation in place and just need help maturing it or making it work more efficiently.